Chromium Updater Settings

Chromium Updater has quite a bit of settings which some aren't even in the Settings form. Sometimes I find some of the less important settings are for power users and leave them out of the form and only in the ini. Ini is structured document that holds values for saving. This is how I save all my settings.

The Settings

Chromium Updater URLs/CUU - There are two URLs that make up the check and download system of Chromium Updater.
  • "Latest Revision URL" which defines a page that holds latest revision of Chromium (Note: it only accepts pure integers from the page)
  • "Specific Revision URL" which is the page which holds the revision folders

Start Hidden - This value is an integer and refers to a boolean so it's 0 for false and 1 for true. This controls whether Chromium Updater will start in the tray.

Update Check Frequency/Check Interval - This number controls how many minutes the interval is for checking for updates to Chromium

Current Revision - This is the revision number that your local version of Chromium is (Only recommend changing this if the value got wiped somehow and you want to enter it without reinstalling Chromium from Chromium Updater)

Installer Timeout - This integer counts the seconds for how long the new Chromium installer is taking. If it happens to take longer then this we will kill the installer. (For many reasons the installer could foul up during running so this could be altered down to 45 or 30; default is 300 for compatibility with slower computers that could just take a long time installing)

Download Directory - This string points to the folder that Chromium Updater will download new versions of Chromium to. There is one variable for the moment and used in the default value
  • "%CURRENT_DIRECTORY%" - Points to the folder that the Chromium Updater executable lies

Auto-Download - This is another int that refers to a boolean inside the program. By default it's 0 for false. I love this feature though so turn it on by putting a 1 there instead.

Show Updater Changes - Shows the changes for the available updates to Chromium Updater.




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